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I am your inner face of water along your road
The inner breath and talk
The whistling from your heart
I am the lady crying when you go to fast
Screaming when you attach
Humble when you fall apart
If you would listen,
my friend, come
Then I wake you up again
From Death and pain
From humbling paths
To living journey and divine life

We have all this feminine power of the beast in us, our inner guiding voice and supervisor. She appears in the form of one, or recurring dreams, poetry, visions, strong intuition, special events, a physical woman, and the like. There is also this great power that kaotiserer and blocks, if we do not see, recognize and help; opens and keeps it floating. Our vision is to help people become aware of their unconscious, their hidden resistance and dark, so deep that one can transform and make use of clean power, 'his light and potential'. That you can live in line with himself, and open more and more of its sensitivity, vision, love of life and the creative driving force. That by knowing oneself, being less likely to be fooled, by both their own and others' mental defenses. Not least, when one expands this contact, rest more and more in love itself, and could bring this on to their surroundings.

Through spiritual psychotherapy and counseling, meditation and healing, both theoretical and practical methods, we seek to lay a good foundation for the individual to work on with their lives, and challenges. We focus on building a strong ego-base in the bottom, so you are prepared to move on and be clean and transform to higher awareness, greater clarity, compassion and u-linkage (see theme 'u-linkage'. )

Spiritual work / mystery, is the most practical and livs-/virkelighetsnære coming.

We like to demystify and think that spirituality is too easy an escape from reality, and not the depth of work we are seeking.

What do we mean by healing / spiritual healing? The human energy circulating between two poles. By receiving a loving touch in the form of a hand, and / or a higher consciousness, that created a movement / touch via a third point / higher vibrational energy flow. It gives the recipient the ability and opportunity to reach up to higher layers in their own potential. 'Higher layer' means in this context is a greater depth and transparency, and it is this that makes traformasjon can take place. We can be so dense with emotion, thoughts and other disorders, that the person performing the healing not only affects one's own higher consciousness field and energy flow, but also with its enhanced ability to collect / shoot photons / light, first have to 'cut their way through' energy field and into this potential. This will help and enable the body's own light and frequency (our cells emit light), which recognizes its original vibration, creating communication and healing cells between them. Greater coherence between the different communication systems in the body, creates healing.

-Or it has gone further and become more blocked and healer dissolves the blocked (read: sick), and in some cases 'take it' themselves. He / she collects and transmits the photons (light) like a laser beam, via its ability to concentrate this power.

Our cells can be seen and felt (for those who have developed this ability) in the aura field as a density (darker area), often even before it entered the medical equipment.

-Our cells (the body) are much more intelligent than the brain. It is constantly looking to let the healing and well on the way we can heal ourselves.

-Spiritual Healing emphasizes a greater extent and to bring awareness to this work.

Many can learn to perform healing and to heal itself. But some are born more open to the essential power, despite many personality 'frakkelag of tasks' (read: blockages). It does not require that they need to have developed a high awareness or spiritual presence of the ground.

Remote healing is performed in the same way, only that now is the concentration of photons (light) from a distance. It may even be more accurate in that you do not need to relate as much to the personality of the drug, which can easily become more demanding (distracting) when the person meeting. On the one hand, works healing the same way as electromagnetic waves in a room. At the same time spiritual distance healing open a deeper level of existence where the universe is related to energetic and informational (Ahaziah).

(See last paragraph under the spiritual teacher ..)

It is very important that the healing is only a supplement to classical medicine! - IN LIEU OF! -

What do we mean by real compassion? That one seeks to purify his mind and soul, and be so aware, that you do not need to keep and bear their own or another's ego and sentimentality. But the high level of awareness and presence, is able to recognize what you and others truly need, in order to love could be close to themselves and each other in perpetual growth.

Usually, our needs for life roller coasters. Life becomes a constant struggle between hope and fear, sorrow and joy, confirmation and exhausted, etc. Genuine needs is what brings us to a presence where these fluctuations are no longer governs us. (See also section on detachment.)

What do we mean by freedom and u-linkage? That one is no longer tied to their own or others' ego-games. But through a deep presence and basic ring in the deeper interior, feel free NOK to be in line with themselves, each other and the Life.

Ego-game is constantly cutting up their lives in what we like and dislike, who live in the illusion that the 'battle' can be won and is meaningful. Detachment is to give up this fight and to realize the goodness from a deeper level of ourselves.

What do we mean by spiritual practice? Working with dedicated attention and sympathy, were present in the small practical and human things in everyday life, in the direction of freedom and u-linkage from the ego's game. The normal level of awareness is influenced by imbalances in the direction of being too easily excited and hurried, or to be too lethargic and depressed. Meditation and other techniques are important as a balancing and the middle position (zero position) of the mind, and sharpens the ability to concentrate and focus so that the higher consciousness through. We therefore emphasizes meditation only as a tool, not as a goal to be as so spiritual, depending on yoga, meditation technique, or how much one 'sitting' ....

The same also with teaching. As for us is only a tool to create a map, so that we can understand and open to the light, higher vibration and consciousness. Not tied to the individual to learn, master, or the amount of knowledge. And not least, it is important to understand and accommodate the psyche repair and foundation, before 'talking about' mystique.

It is thus not the 'outer' willingness control, magic, or easily purchased (often hidden: egofixerte) 'secrets', so popular mystique * often stressed. But an awareness training and daily practice of self-examination, humility and discipline, to be closer to nature and the whole and the free natural response in ourselves.

Thus you will more and more coincide their behavior from the unconscious and out of its expression in the social field, as a 'deeper' united intelligence and understanding.

* Popular mystery (= the current trend and use of spirituality / spiritual, 'NewAge') serves as a great door opener, acceptance and awareness in our society, of the inner life. This is necessary to get past the dogma and old fastlåsthet. But it must not be the goal. Focusing on his own inner being slightly self-centered and narcisistisk.

We also have the absolute sky turned spirituality (the transcendent), who choose to worship, turn to, or celebrate 'that which is greater than ourselves' (the higher the intelligence, God, Universe, Cosmos .... Innumerable names), which through prayer and positive thinking raises its vibration and impact. As part of the whole, this is a natural intellectual work. But with 'absolute heaven turned' we emphasize that it is without having contact to the whole, and with it their own darker sides. The body and personal life is in many such cases, the split in consciousness, without being aware of it. WE shall neither, like it or think to take 'all over a comb', but these are people who often walks around like 'sacred monsters', and only see and believe in his holiness. Total unaware of its darker sides and often hidden tendency to ego-games. And you can ask that, Trungpa (Tibetan Lama), "Who will take care of all søppla you accumulate in your holiness?".

Humanity / evolution must continue.

What do we do it is to be a spiritual teacher? And the teacher / student relationship ..? Although it is important not to 'bind to' a teacher and direction, it is a necessary stage 'association of devotion'. Something that becomes the pupil's devotion to the 'road' (dharma). 'Binding' is something else. (See 'u-linkage'.)

But one should be aware of, and be able to know what you're looking for, then it is a big difference between spiritual teachers.

-We are talking about the ability to concentrate photons (read: light and consciousness). Such a person pulls easily people's attention around him. It is therefore very important that this person has gained the ability to humility, self-knowledge, been able to released their own need for narsisme, and other self-centeredness. That he / she has the ability to recall, compassion, experience, and 'ability to accommodate'. Light on a dark magic can sting and hurt, and Lærer'n to know what he / she challenges. There is no easy task or something you can / should flirt with! In other words, is often not what you want to hear as seen and told. Spiritual development / spiritual work is about to 'stretch' (develop), and spiritual development is not a therapy that seeks to protect the ego. In fact the opposite, seeking to 'crush the ego', to promote the spiritual growth.

-It is an important hierarchy in the spiritual world, but it exists in its own right and can not in fact copy other.

A spiritual teacher is first and foremost, this inner discipline, the ability to recognize the mind games, possessing a persistent determination to be cleaned and out-wrap, humility to the environment, a constant willingness to correct his will for 'the greater than itself ', an honest continuous training in the' detachment ', and the ability to' take down '/ concentrate the light'.

There is a big plus if they learn one or more connections to the classically-trained professionals. So as a psychologist, psychiatrist or physician. There is one certainty in relation to the individual client's capacity and balance. One can not always be sure what the underlying processes they are with and activate, and it is important to collaborate with the right skills to the 'right balance'.

In mysticism the way one must always live with a humility about the wealth of emotion and power challenges, as one does not have an unfettered relationship. One can always have come far in some areas and short on others. In addition to that, is it that when one lives with spiritual openness, as is often immature material easily aktiverbart. On top of that we live in a society that has respect and tradition of spiritual awakening. Thus, the awakening person with his charisma, power, and often direct and clear response from within, have seemed threatening, controlling, curious, and easily have created paranoia. And thus was a living mirror, and often even the rubbish bins for their environment and their projections. Most often, their inner freedom as threatening to the environment, and society's reaction and attacks so noticeable, that they adopt this misunderstanding of his own personality. Which in turn can cause a lack of self-identity and security for some time in life. This means that efforts are being deep spiritual self-awareness in our culture, not just one faces a shortage of good frames of reference. You come through confusing and destructive mirror. It will very much; to get to know themselves and to hold, trauma and wounds created in this way, and picking off his arrogance and 'mentality' which is 'the largest prey' far most have saved up. And even for the Eastern champions, who are born into traditions that ensures they are mentioned characteristics and discipline, as threatening and difficult, both in and outside the monasteries.

By standing in a continuous spiritual training, he / she is more and more, coincide their behavior from the unconscious, in its expression in the social field, as a 'deeper' united intelligence and understanding.

These are people 'on the road' that we all, so one must look at to know oneself.

What do we mean by karma? Karma means 'cause and effect'. But as awareness has numerous layers, it seems karma differs depending on how deep you go in the soul. On a plane means karma that you reap what you sow. While other plans may be a matter of deep spiritual contracts. Even deeper it can even be talk of a, for normal consciousness, incomprehensible sacrifice. Copy.; Jesus on the cross. We must realize that karma is diverse and do not believe that there are facitsvar. According to Eastern tradition, only a fully enlightened human being who can see all levels of karma.

-One may have taken on a whole family karma, both physically and mentally, as one of higher consciousness and soul power to (try to) organize, create awareness, release and / or transform.

-Man can, in and outside the family have made arrangements to relieve each other, accept each other's sickness, pain, or other tasks. This need not be known, understood or apparent to those implicated.

- It can also apply to communities, places and countries ..

Maybe you are here to 'keep off' or 'challenge each other' in various arcane ways.

Nobody can or will be, as in a wide range of new age-related happens, claim to have the answer to the other's karma, that you think you can diagnose the condition, disease, and fellows. There are countless opportunities and demands for the individual high willingness, openness and humility, perhaps through a lifetime and often more, to just 'knowing' what one's own task, or karma is all about. And although the task and karma is and can be, two very different things.

What do we mean by partnerships / relationships? That one has a unique chance to see / mirror themselves in each other. Could speed up their own out-winding (wind out), to clear away layers of defenses and karma, and come in to his true nature together. 'Could see the real face and unity despite the fact that we are born into the body and dualism'.

This does not mean to be holy, glorious and beautiful custom people, which often develops in spite, hatred and fantasies in secret, through a controlled and 'correct' behavior on the surface. But that by creating certain rules one should remain within, always have the ability to dare and face the unfinished and Deny, the trigger, 'what is', in themselves and each other. That we give each other space and opportunity to penetrate the nice and proper, and to find into the 'illegal and ugly' emotions, how we really feel very small and vulnerable. Could be aware of what this in us 'tells' on ever deeper levels, so that one may eventually meet each other naked openness and respect, inside the life and livstrømmen.

Here you will together be able to see more and more that the waves of life spans in natural rhythms, and the former was nice and nasty, closed and dramatic turns out to be a naturally balanced dance of changing dynamics. - There are obviously many types of conditions. The more romantic, erotic, functional, 'swaps', rescuing, supporting, warring .... And more. We describe the typical employment that seeks to find genuine openness, and imagine that basically applies to all human encounters and relationships.

What do we mean by intuition and clairvoyance? Is pr.definisjon (clairvoyance, remote-viewing) to see / read the events, objects and beings (read spiritual grades) across time and space.

It is a great natural ability that people have had access to a greater or lesser degree in all the time, and since time immemorial it has been used for the survival of tribal society. The best jeger'n was the one who was closest to his inner nature and to recognize and read animal movements. Warrior could predict the enemy, its movements and weapons, and medicine man could see and cure diseases. Similarly, we present medicine men (healers, shamans, ..). We have astrologers, Exorcist, and 'husrensere'. We have intelligence that the KGB and the CIA who have developed 'ability' as a technique, and thus protects tribes and the nation's survival. The latter agencies have used the researchers to determine the validity of this as a technique.

We emphasize a deeper awareness of the subject, and learned the importance of other less common (read: popular) page on the ability to:

-To know oneself and to recognize the deeper unconscious patterns of human nature and psyche, and deeper spiritual meaning, so that you know how to 'undress' that closes access to our real nature, "Buddha nature" or "Christ-nature" . Being able to see / read the astral tracks (which is level across time and space) may in this context to be / become a 'bonus'.

- It may be what you are / are developing at an early stage. Maybe even first.

- It may be that linger from past-life work. One can be a great soul, who has worked with self-knowledge and to help people in previous lives,

- Or you may have trained these pages forward through technology. You can play with the capabilities that parlor as 'future show', and evt.utvikle the real depths along.

Astral vision (clairvoyance without spiritual depth) can thus be easily accessible to many people, and trained the technical. And despite the wonderful gift this is, it can also be used by the narcissistic reasons witchcraft, magic, and other detection and control. 'The spiritual' has just always been very skeptical of the 'tool' is used as a toy and falling into the wrong hands. It is therefore very important to be more vigilant than that one is impressed.

Condemnation, prejudice and misrepresentation of people who are close to these capabilities within it, has been a strong and opposite challenge of all time. Individuals have a secret, the society has taboos, thus revealing the clairvoyant pages that people do not want to be seen. And is the clairvoyant spiritual trained, he / she will also be able to read the split off aspects of the mind.

What do we mean by astrology? Astrology is a science, and thus no 'faith'. We can, for example, explain the universe's planetary system, inserted in an analysis feasible interpretation system for personality. Astronomy is the astrologer working, in that it matematiserer and calculates the movements of the universe. Astrology base their interpretations on a carefully calculated map for the current moment.

Astrology is about the outer and inner world are connected. Esoteric philosophy has always claimed 'as below so face'. So there is a correlation between the external and internal. In today's scientific language, this can be done by electromagnetic waves, or information about kvantevakuumfeltet; planets possess different force, consciousness and energy, and energy and consciousness, the outcome of their meeting, given an independent character. The moment a person is born, a meeting takes place, an initiative undertaken, contains / carries this energy. What is man, we are talking primarily about the personal unconscious, which is also connected to the body (mass / matter). The spiritual level can also be read deeper, but it depends on the astrologer's own dybderfaring and ability / degree of recognition.

The astrological birth moment depends on careful calculation of both time and place. And the planets, Ascendant, and on different terms in astrology, is by and tells about the personality pitfalls and potentials. Weekly horoscope can be entertaining and fun, but must not be understood or followed seriously.

We also note that the astrological charts can tell that a weather forecast, but not whether one chooses to equip themselves with an umbrella or parasol, related to 'alert'. We do not encourage the use of astrology as fortune telling to 'know' about their future.

-Map can be said that talk about these pages (pitfalls and potential), but the circular two-dimensional map, and may not 'spiral' and the three-dimensional, who can tell where you are in your development. An intuitive (psychic) person can be based on how far he / she has come in its own development, tell the deeper tendencies. But again, this depends greatly on whether the person reading astral track as seen from a deeper development will lead to repetition and stagnation. Or if he / she has the ability to recognize / lead this deeper growth. It is also very special situations and rarely 'right' and should 'learn' to take control of your life to be experienced and lived!

It is of course never popular to have to realize this, because you think you want to know 'everything' about eks.økonomi, loves, jobs and through the tackle. Here we are talking about finding the balance between knowledge and insight through experience.

A super offer; something that hardly not exist in Norway. Chrystalbed with rinsed crystals, with all the chakracolours blinking. We all have an aura around us, as some claircoyant persons can see. In the aura there is 7 chakra-wheelsIt as feeding our physical, psychical and mental body with enaergy. It's a necesarry need to hold this chakraes as clean and healthy as posssible. The bed helps all chakrawheels to be in flow. Then healthy energy is flowing trough our hole bodysystem. Both physical, psycical and menthal.'- The future medicine will be information between the brain, the organs osv. Then the Chrystalbed is a perfect 'information'-developing tool. Some pople comes regularly to let the body get a good progression. And you know... first yourself, then you have more to give. You can chooce only crystalbed, or addition psycic talk/reading/healing.

When we come to that in us which can not be made ​​smaller, then we know that we are in step with ourselves.

Our own texts

Man chooses anxiety

'cause it's afraid of

the opness of loving

Fear come

through lach

of recognition

and mastery

In hatred


and ignorance

'See' it

'Meet' it

Transform it

Any cigarette



Hide 'that childhood-

'that marriage-

'that continual lifehistory -

you tell yourself ........

There is noe guilt

just detours

All days should be lived in gratitude

All days should wake your for something to give

That will be your greatest happiness

The only reason humans suffer

Is they betray themselves

One can no longer respond spontaneously

to the inner guidance one continually receives

'Cause one constructs ones life from thoughts and calculations

that resists the spiritual live our soul

wants to realize

There is inner guidance in your life

But because you wait for the great visons

Spectacular happenings

Sensational experiences

You don't attend to it

Let your motivation and practice be to increase your Humility and inner compassion

And you will see God in all those fantastic details your life is full of

Let the earth you stand on become your Holy Ground

Your own palace-garden

Your temple

Let every moment become your Holy Moment

Your greeting to Life and friend

Let us all participate in each others now

In nature

Perspectives over mountains

Then storms might rage

We're still there

We're together

We're life

We are each other

Let your prayer be your love for life and God

And know this power

To grow more spontaneous each step of the path

And that is itself the attention

that carries you to your next stage

You won't reach the soul through the intellect

You won't reach the soul through magic and answers

The soul seeks a journey through dark valleys and narrow alleys

To feel th ego-patterns too tight

and limiting for body and mind

Then we seek our nakedness

Where all the clothes fall off

Then the souls expression is seen

This journey demands presence and dedication

Seek equality and thank Life for every step

Why not tackle your moments as you live,

you still have to deal with your past while when you die

Know that the body finds its silence

mind empties

heart is open

clear awareness

Change how you tell your life story to yourself

Re-tell the story and let it be new

here and now

see everything you have more than mom and dad already

Know that you can drop the light and joy into

the old way, the old trees

When a person is dying

keep calm, tranquility and respect

not touch or mas

so you do not break the inner meditation

and peaceful passage

When death has intrådd

our bodies shine

Only then is the inner meditation complete

body is left behind and you can touch

Death is just as vulnerable as the birth

We are all born

we will all die

Those who have worked with cosmic energy and consciousness

in life

will easily go through the dying process and on to


The body remembers what we may have forgotten

It lights everything up again and shows us

before release

Do you dare to look honestly and deeply into your hidden mind

you will live with simplicity conscious and happy

And you will in your last moments

dropping body

just nSome and happy

And never be afraid of the time

The universe is in perpetual motion

When you know you can not stand still

Take your choice that you want to live with

Also the 'after' every time steps

Your work might burn yourself out

But a larger work of your soul's longing

Will provide fire

However, to perform


Drizzle with joy

And even more

Most people go by their own inner dialogue

although they speak with you

They rarely hear 'what' you say

and the answer you rarely something new

It is when the day begins to think of me

let your mind understand there's another way

a path in touch

In joy and peace

it is velsingenelsens real

and amongst be two

It is wise to practice to become familiar with

All their vicarious needs

behind every action

No one benefits they can

At least not to

Parents' brains are in the children's

It is important to provide the healthy growth potential

and let the children on

Is there a parent you married?

What is consciousness of history sit most stuck in?

Make your child the favor by 'see'

so they can move on

How could it go so wrong

When everything was so good

When everyone has equal initially

And is it part of the same universe

Without ego's admission

Will it always be access to the well

There is always a possibility

Be who you want to be


For yourself

For all around you

Remember the rings in the water

The sky is not the end

And all sentient beings are limitless

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