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About us


Anita Maria Sundbye

Anita Maria Sundby operates , and is the manager of the firm Center for soul work, (org. 983 706 630), and sanghagrupper The Inner Circle Dakini.She welcomes the different services individually, as couples, families and small groups. And as a development and course over time.

Anita Maria has experience with healing, therapy and spiritual teaching from 1981. She has practiced individually and taught in groups, and constantly active in self-development. Hence, she has had a close relationship, and followed different spiritual guidance since 1981, and Peter Goldman (founder of the White Lodge of England and a descendant of practical mystic Ronald Beesley), still today.

In addition to the natural ability of healing and strong intuition from childhood, is also developed competence through training, education, counseling, and specialize in areas such as astrology (Kirsten Tingstad), esoteric philosophy (Vernon G. The Loisted, Unni Hoyle), color therapy , tuning forks and spiritual psychotherapies (Peter Goldman), voice, song, theater (Roy Hart Theatre France, Erik Mehling, Kjell Baardseth, cultural project Helgeland, singer and voice teacher Beate Myhrvold, Nanna Kristin hard-rock Hauge, Anne Lise Gjøstøl), body therapy (Bodynamic Institute Denmark). Second, Aruna healing center, Buddhist practice, open psychiatry lectures, astrologisk-/esoterisk filosofisk-/spirituelle courses and lectures, private instruction in nevro-/biofeedback, and more. Other: massage, color therapy, dybde-/regresjonsreiser, dream work, meditation and more.

In consultations, it is the human encounter "here and now 'that determines the method and form of the path. All in order to reach the depths, release of blocked areas, and strengthen the growth of the unique potential of every human being.

Anita Maria's primary area, is that she retains the natural ability from birth to read the mind's unconscious aspects (vision) and the ability for healing. She looks round, potentials, and have great creative insight and ability to create transformative processes. Her goal is to transform the depth of conflicts of insight and joy: to develop and lead people up to the larger presence, bevissthetsdyp and inner freedom.

Anita Mary has MS (multiple sclerosis) and uses this difficult and often invisible diagnosis to their textbook and teaching. She must constantly deal with unpredictable aches and pains, while listening to your body strong logistical requirements for everything she does. This she uses to depth training to be present here and now, get 'behind the mind and body pain', looking into the source of power in itself, and accept it as is. Related to her philosophy and education, it is also true to her how the body also teaches her what it remembers, and what comes out of the previous overload and mental pain, which has ended in physical suffering, "Turning on the weak in the genes" , she says. It is about transforming your body pain, temperature imbalances, etc. mental experience and consciousness, which is then transformed into spiritual awareness in the larger perspective, the real compassion for herself in the disorder. The goal is to achieve an ever greater u-linkage to the body and psyche demands for supremacy.

She has previously worked with the office, sales, and psychiatric hospitals.

Contact information

postadr. Bjørnstadveien 32, 3440 Røyken

e.mail.adr.: anita.maria@sjelsarbeid.no 

tlf.nr.: Anita Maria Götz Sundbye, +47 90795998 y +34 663 637 690


Odd Runar Gulbrandsen

Odd Runar Gulbrandsen, operates regular psychologist practices. He teaches at the Anita Maria's course, but does not conduct the courses.

Odd Runar Gulbrandsen is a psychologist. He has further, and is thus a specialist in clinical psychology.

Odd Runar receive reimbursement from the social security system, and are entitled to, as they say, "take ill in cure". He is first and foremost, call the therapist, and is concerned with the direct verbal and nonverbal contact here and now. It is in the open dialogue that change can happen. Therefore, efforts concentrated on the largest possible direct emotional contact here and now.

Change does not happen primarily through the understanding of historical patterns, or emotional discharge, but it put emotions in motion, in the face of another. In addition to the Odd Runar is passionate about the psyche different mazes, he is also concerned about the freedom, openness and serenity that can only exist if the psyche and the body finds its rest in the spiritual. Together with many different therapy experiences, has he also used meditation and made different Asian body practices, within the various Buddhist traditions since 70 years. Even if he sticks to traditional psychotherapy, he has great insight into the transpersonal psychology in the Spiritual psychotherapy. Odd Runar has had a close relationship with Peter Goldman (founder of the White Lodge of England and a descendant of practical mystic Ronald Beesley) since 1997.

Contact information

For contact, send a letter to Odd Runar Gulbrandsen, O.H.Bangsvei 25, 1363 HØVIK, NORWAY or SMS to +47 404 13 278 or send e-mail: oddrunargulbrandsen@hotmail.com 

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