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Man chooses anxiety

'cause it's afraid of

the opness of loving



Fear come

through lach

of recognition

and mastery

In hatred


and ignorance

'See' it

'Meet' it

Transform it


Any cigarette



Hide  'that childhood-

'that marriage-

'that continual lifehistory -

you tell yourself ........


There is noe guilt

just detours


All days should be lived in gratitude

All days should wake your for something to give

That will be your greatest happiness


The only reason humans suffer

Is they betray themselves

One can no longer respond spontaneously

to the inner guidance one continually receives

'Cause one constructs ones life from thoughts and calculations

that resists the spiritual live our soul

wants to realize


There is inner guidance in your life

But because you wait for the great visons

Spectacular happenings

Sensational experiences

You don't attend to it


Let your motivation and practice be to increase your Humility and inner compassion

And you will see God in all those fantastic details your life is full of 



Let the earth you stand on become your Holy Ground

Your own palace-garden

Your temple

Let every moment become your Holy Moment

Your greeting to Life and friend

Let us all participate in each others now

In nature

Perspectives over mountains

Then storms might rage

We're still there

We're together

We're life

We are each other


Let your prayer be your love for life and God

And know this power

To grow more spontaneous each step of the path

And that is itself the attention

that carries you to your next stage


You won't reach the soul through the intellect

You won't reach the soul through magic and answers

The soul seeks a journey through dark valleys and narrow alleys

To feel th ego-patterns too tight

and limiting for body and mind

Then we seek our nakedness

Where all the clothes fall off

Then the souls expression is seen

This journey demands presence and dedication

Seek equality and thank Life for every step



Why not tackle your moments as you live,

you still have to deal with your past while when you die


Know that the body finds its silence

mind empties

heart is open

clear awareness


Change how you tell your life story to yourself

Re-tell the story and let it be new

here and now

see everything you have more than mom and dad already

Know that you can drop the light and joy into

the old way, the old trees


When a person is dying

keep calm, tranquility and respect

not touch or mas

so you do not break the inner meditation

and peaceful passage


When death has intrådd

our bodies shine

Only then is the inner meditation complete

body is left behind and you can touch



Death is just as vulnerable as the birth

We are all born

we will all die



Those who have worked with cosmic energy and consciousness

in life

will easily go through the dying process and on to




The body remembers what we may have forgotten

It lights everything up again and shows us

before release



Do you dare to look honestly and deeply into your hidden mind

you will live with simplicity conscious and happy

And you will in your last moments

dropping body

just nSome and happy

And never be afraid of the time



The universe is in perpetual motion

When you know you can not stand still

Take your choice that you want to live with

Also the 'after' every time steps



Your work might burn yourself out

But a larger work of your soul's longing

Will provide fire

However, to perform


Drizzle with joy

And even more



Most people go by their own inner dialogue

although they speak with you

They rarely hear 'what' you say

and the answer you rarely something new


It is when the day begins to think of me

let your mind understand there's another way

a path in touch

In joy and peace

it is velsingenelsens real

and amongst be two


It is wise to practice to become familiar with

All their vicarious needs

behind every action

No one benefits they can

At least not to



Parents' brains are in the children's

It is important to provide the healthy growth potential

and let the children on


Is there a parent you married?

What is consciousness of history sit most stuck in?

Make your child the favor by 'see'

so they can move on




How could it go so wrong

When everything was so good

When everyone has equal initially

And is it part of the same universe

Without ego's admission

Will it always be access to the well

There is always a possibility



Be who you want to be


For yourself

For all around you

Remember the rings in the water


The sky is not the end

And all sentient beings are limitless

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